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Nice World LogoThe executive director of Nice World is David E. Ward.

Nice World has an extensive history offering services to the poor and homeless including massage therapy, eviction rescue and employing the homeless to grow food.

To contact David Ward or Nice World:

     - Phone: 303-499-LOVE (5683)
     - Cell Phone: 303-579-3000


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CowufThe Purpose of Nice-World.org:


"Rich or Poor: We are all one" by Linda Commito

First ever "Sale" of Slow Honey Pints

October 11th, 2018

Get a pint of raw local Colorado honey, normally $15, now $11 while supplies last.  Call me at 303-248-6677 to arrange for pickup in Loveland.

Slow Honey Pint

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Contact Us

Mr. David Edwin Ward, OP, MA, CMT, CR, TTT, WP

922 Grant Street
Longmont, CO  80501

Phone: 303-499-LOVE (5683)

Cell Phone: 303-579-3000